Pianca Furniture – best choice for modern lifestyle

Pianca Bed make difference

Do you want to feel the difference in your present lifestyle? Then Pianca bed is what you need!

Imagine yourself choosing the style of your bedroom… What will you be orientated on? You can discover the magic of Alladino double bed to fill your life with a dream and feel like lying on a magic carpet. Or you can add a bit of vintage spirit with soft and friendly Vintage Pianca bed. Its eco-leather covers will make you feel the difference in comparison to any bed that you have ever had before.

Why not to create you relax story with strong and natural Trama bed design? Or feel travelling the east in your dreams while sleeping on comfortable and practical Oriente double bed? The choice is yours… but you’ll always find something that suits you demands with Pianca.

Pianca bed is created for comfort, for fulfilling the dreams and making you live the experience that you prefer.

pianca bed

Your Home Deserves Pianca Table

Pianca table is modern style of your life, way of thinking, way of living… The table that you choose for your home reflects your personality. And you would really love it if you choose Pianca.

Would you like everyone to admire your taste and your household? Choose the Pianca table and you will see how your visitors and family would adore it as much as you. You eat – you enjoy, you read or work – you still enjoy it.

May be you ask yourself why is it so? Because it’s the table that you feel! You can feel the wood of natural or burnt oak or pleasant metal organic structure. You will also enjoy seeing perfect geometric lines of Pianca tables. Their experimental designs serve either for you to feel stability or seem to levitate.

It’s like table reflects you character!  One more thing to add – these tables are the ones created with philosophic approach. Your home deserves this philosophy, your home deserves Pianca table!


Pianca Shelves: stylish and practical

You can make the design of your own with Pianca shelves. If you have any ideas – just realize them! Pianca shelf is something that you were looking for. Make your design as practical and as unique as you need. Open the unlimited space of your imagination to decorate any of your rooms or hall.

With Mp3 shelves you can decorate you wall with the style that everyone would like. They are small, practical and unique. If you need larger storage choose Spazioteca bookcases. You can install them for the whole wall and it will look magnificent.

Need to decorate you cabinet? Pianca drawers are there for you as well. It’s more than the furniture. It’s expressive and intelligent solutions for your working place.

Pianca shelf is something that will change and expand the space of your home!


Pianca Furniture is your choice

Whatever you choose from the Pianca furniture, your home will never be the same. Let your home be modern! Let your furniture be unique! Let yourself a try for home style experience with Pianca!