What is so special about Bonaldo chairs?

What is so special about Bonaldo chairs?

When you go to the official site of Bonaldo, you can be impressed to see about 75 different variations and designs of chairs. And each Bonaldo chairs is special and unique in its own way. Our chairs are created for you with special attention to your needs and desires, so that you can enjoy every moment of your experience with them.

Bonaldo Chairs

Bonaldo chairs suit all households. Choose them for you by colour, style, material or even name that inspires you. Sheryl, Napi, Kayla, Junan, Sicla, etc – they are so different and so special… These are the chairs that make comfort, the chairs that make style, the chairs to be so soft to sit on as well as to feel relaxed inside of you…

Bonaldo chair can be put everywhere in your home. No matter where you will put it – in your dining room, living room, home office, kitchen or balcony – it will be so catching and appealing to sit on. Our chairs will become preferred and so necessary part of your home! Whether you will put them – you will enjoy… as you can sit and work, sit and eat, or even sit and dream near those special chairs!


Should you choose one of Bonaldo sofa beds? Yes, you should… it’s so special!

Don’t you know that sofa Structure by Bonaldo had won the Henry van Velde Label 2015? Yes, it has really won that Belgian award. And any one of so different Bonaldo sofa beds can win the award of your desire!

Out of about 27 types of tables you will find the one that you were dreaming of – that’s sure. Look at them all, try to integrate them in your present home style in your thoughts. Your subconscious will lead you in choosing the right one, the one that you desire… Stylish, modern, nicely looking – may be you will find even more descriptions for your Bonaldo sofa beds… Yes, beds… choose two, in the same style or different, for your children and beloved ones. All will be pleased – you will see!


Bonaldo Furniture – so special and for so many years already!

Bonaldo furniture is produced since 1936, so for 80 years already. And every single customer is important for us. If you want chairs, beds, tables for your home – just choose Bonaldo! You will be happy to be among our loyal customers that enjoy and value our products for so many years already.

There are many awards won by Bonaldo furniture and we are not stopping to develop the creativity and design of our products. Bonaldo’s designers experiment with colours, materials and their combinations in order to continiously create the best possible solutions for you.

You can find a lot of different types of our furniture in the catalogues and on the official site. Bonaldo – is the company that produces the furniture especially for you. Bonaldo furniture will make your home so tiny, so comfortable and so unique, that we are sure you would like to return to us for something else. You will enjoy being our loyal customer for many years!